Think About Using A Treadmill Desk

You need to work. That work may mean that you spend hours at a desk Monday-Friday. That can lead to all kinds of problems, including back pain, stiffness, and even some weight gain. There are a number of things that you can do that will help you with the sedentary lifestyle that working at a desk can cause. One thing that you can do is to get a standing desk that you can put an under desk treadmill under. 

Standing Desk

These desks are raised, designed for you to be able to stand at while you do your work. They have all the same basic functionalities as a desk that you sit at, but just higher up. Some desks are adjustable so that you can stand at them or lower them and sit at them. That way you can do your work at whatever level you are currently comfortable at. Just standing will help keep some blood moving and help release some of the stress that sitting in one position all day can put on your body. But a standing desk will also allow you to use an under desk treadmill. 

Under Desk Treadmill

These Lifespan under desk treadmills are basically just like the larger treadmills that you would see at a gym. They are generally a little shorter so that they will fit in an office setting better, and they may be a little more narrow, for the same reason. Most of them don't come with handles for you to hold on to, since they are designed to sit under a desk and your desk is designed to act as the support or handles for you while you are walking. You can get a treadmill/desk combo that is one unit or you can pick a treadmill that you can slide under and attach to the standing desk you already have or like. 


There are several benefits of using a treadmill desk while you are working. Increased activity is one of them. You may not walk really fast, since it can be hard to do work if you are bouncing around too much, but any walking is better than just sitting like you have been. Increased activity can help you build your endurance, help when you are sleepy, and get you feeling better in general. 

If you have to spend your days sitting in front of a desk, you may want to change that up. An under desk treadmill can help with that.