Three Ways To Minimize Side-Effect Acne When Using Steroids For Sports Performance

One of the best-known side effects of using steroids for sports performance is acne. The way many people talk about acne and steroids, you might assume that there's no escape from ruddy skin if you choose to take these drugs. Think, however, about the bodybuilders you see on television. They are generally acne-free, and you can be too, if you're careful to take these precautions:

Let your doctor know if the steroids you are taking are causing acne.

You are using steroids under the guidance of a physician, right? Illicit steroid use is unwise and unsafe, leaving you nowhere to turn if you do develop side effects. When you are using steroids under the guidance of a physician, you have a means of dealing with side effects like acne in the safest way possible. Let your doctor know that you are suffering from this symptom, and he or she may be able to recommend a slightly different steroid supplement that is less likely to cause your acne. Today's designer steroids are often less likely to cause acne than those that were used in the past, so if you're been using the same supplement for a long time, asking your doctor to switch you to a new one may clear up your skin.

Practice good skin hygiene, especially after workouts.

Steroids cause acne by increasing your skin's production of sebum, an oily substance that bacteria love. When the bacteria start feeding on this sebum, you get pimples. You can help fight acne by washing thoroughly and promptly after your workouts. This ensures you're regularly removing bacteria from your skin, as well as rinsing away the excess sebum that gets distributed over your skin as you sweat.

Try showering at the gym immediately after your workouts, instead of driving home to shower. You can use a body wash designed for acne to boost the effects of showering.

Change your workout clothes every day.

If you're wearing your workout clothes more than once, you're re-introducing bacteria to your skin and probably making your acne problem a lot worse. Were you not taking steroids, your problem might be minimal, but combine steroid use with dirty workout clothes and you're essentially guaranteed a breakout. It won't just be your back, ether. You pull your shirt over your head, exposing your face to the bacteria. Wash your workout clothes thoroughly in warm water, even using bleach for your white shirts, and wear clean clothes every day.

Fighting acne is never easy, steroids or no steroids. The best approach is often multifaceted. Talk to your doctor, practice better post-workout hygiene, and wear cleaner workout clothes. You may not need to give up your performance enhancers to have clear skin. For more information, contact a specialist like SDI Labs.