Healthy Employees Equals Higher Production Rates: Knowing The Links And Encouraging Wellness

Employees who are tired and lethargic all the time are not very productive employees. They try, but their minds and bodies are not in the work. If you offered a corporate wellness program for free, it might help. Here is how healthy employees equal higher production rates, and how you can encourage their use of the company wellness program.  Exercise and Proper Diet Helps Alleviate Brain Fog Tired people often complain that their brains are " Read More 

2 Benefits Of Wearing A Weightlifting Belt During Your Strength Training Exercises

Whether you have been lifting weights as part of your exercise regimen for years or have decided to start, you may have noticed that other people wear custom weightlifting belts while working out. Because of this, you may be wondering whether there are any actual advantages to doing so. Below are a couple of the benefits that you may experience when wearing a weightlifting belt during your strength training exercises. Read More 

Things That You’ll Prove to Yourself When You Work with a Boxing Trainer

People often pursue athletic training to prove to themselves that they can accomplish certain goals. For example, you might start jogging daily with the intent to one day run a marathon, thus proving to yourself that you're capable of this impressive feat. While you might hire a trainer and take some boxing classes for a number of reasons—to stay in shape or to feel more capable of defending yourself, for example—you'll find that as you progress in your lessons, you begin to prove certain things to yourself. Read More