2 Benefits Of Wearing A Weightlifting Belt During Your Strength Training Exercises

Whether you have been lifting weights as part of your exercise regimen for years or have decided to start, you may have noticed that other people wear custom weightlifting belts while working out. Because of this, you may be wondering whether there are any actual advantages to doing so. Below are a couple of the benefits that you may experience when wearing a weightlifting belt during your strength training exercises.

1.  Forces You to Use Proper Body Mechanics While Lifting

One benefit of wearing a belt while lifting weights is that it forces you to use proper body mechanics while lifting. If you look at most belts, they are not like the ones you wear to keep your pants up. They are wider and stiffer, and they wrap around your torso's true waist.

When you bend forward to pick up weights or move around while you are holding them, the belt keeps your spine straight. Not only does this allow you to maintain proper form to target the right muscles, but it also reduces the strain on your back. This helps prevent back strain and spinal injuries while you are lifting.

However, make sure you do not select a belt that is too wide or too narrow. One that is too wide could push against your ribcage and cause bruising, while a narrow belt may not give you the support your back needs. You may want to look into being measured and having a custom belt made for you.

2.  Helps to Increase Your Performance to Yield Better Results

Another advantage of wearing a weight belt while you are performing strength training exercises is that it can help increase your performance. When you are better able to perform each exercise, it could help you to yield better results. 

When you are wearing a belt while lifting weights and using proper body mechanics, you are able to perform a few more reps and even use a little more weight when you do not have to worry about hurting yourself. And, since the belt gives you better support and strength in your core, you are able to perform the exercises correctly and target the muscles you desire.

While you can purchase belts in various sizes, having one customized for your body's shape helps to enhance the benefits of using one. Contact an exercise company that offers custom weightlifting belts to discuss your options for having one made just for your use.