Healthy Employees Equals Higher Production Rates: Knowing The Links And Encouraging Wellness

Employees who are tired and lethargic all the time are not very productive employees. They try, but their minds and bodies are not in the work. If you offered a corporate wellness program for free, it might help. Here is how healthy employees equal higher production rates, and how you can encourage their use of the company wellness program. 

Exercise and Proper Diet Helps Alleviate Brain Fog

Tired people often complain that their brains are "in a fog." They feel like they cannot think clearly, cannot form complete sentences, and need to rejuvenate themselves. They might try to do this through caffeine, but it does not always help.

Exercise, however, circulates additional oxygen to the brain, invigorating it and helping your thought processes function better. Exercise also relieves you of fatigue, and provides an extra energy boost without consuming something to get that energy. Proper diet helps too. The less sugar a person consumes, the better they feel. Part of every business wellness program includes instruction on how to eat better to think more clearly and feel less tired. Encouraging employees to take a brisk walk during their breaks helps too. 

Clearer Thinking and Less Fatigue Means People Can Do More

When your employees are not fatigued or "in a fog," they are able to do more. They can prioritize tasks better, organize their workflow better, and complete more work every day. When they can complete more work every day, they are more productive, and that benefits the company. The healthier the employee, the higher the production rates. 

Encouraging Wellness

A big problem a lot of employees have with wellness programs is the cost. If your company offers health training and education, and a room full of exercise equipment with a track for walking all for free, employees are less inclined to argue about participation. You can even offer incentives to employees who use the facilities and program several times a week. Try a contest for getting healthy and fit, offering prizes that matter, like extra paid vacation days for employees who lose the most weight or who use exercise to overcome a health condition. Maybe offer all those who actively get thirty minutes a day of exercise at work a full lunch hour with the contingent that thirty minutes is dedicated to exercise. There are any number of ways to encourage employee use of this program. Company-wide email blasts to remind everyone to get in ten or more minutes a day helps too.