Things That You’ll Prove to Yourself When You Work with a Boxing Trainer

People often pursue athletic training to prove to themselves that they can accomplish certain goals. For example, you might start jogging daily with the intent to one day run a marathon, thus proving to yourself that you're capable of this impressive feat. While you might hire a trainer and take some boxing classes for a number of reasons—to stay in shape or to feel more capable of defending yourself, for example—you'll find that as you progress in your lessons, you begin to prove certain things to yourself. Some of these may come as a surprise to you, but you'll appreciate knowing them.

You Can Punch Someone

Many people feel as though they could never punch someone for any reason. For example, you might have the belief that if you were mugged or otherwise accosted on the street and your safety was under attack, you wouldn't have the gumption to make a fist and use it to defend yourself to prevent further injury. This limiting thought could actually put you at risk of harm, but boxing classes will quickly teach you that you can indeed punch someone. In boxing classes, you aren't trying to hurt your opponent—but you'll appreciate knowing that you have the fortitude to mount this type of defense.

You Can Take a Punch

Most people are inherently afraid of getting punched. Fortunately, many punches aren't necessarily serious. This is especially true when someone punches without knowing technically how to do so, or when someone is under the influence of alcohol and, therefore, sloppy. Boxing classes will teach you that you can indeed take a punch, which can dramatically reduce your fear of it. When you're sparring, you'll be hit dozens of times, and you will quickly understand that, in general, a punch isn't going to completely immobilize you and prevent you from taking care of yourself.

You Can Think Under Pressure

It's also easy to develop the belief that if you had to react quickly to a threatening situation, you'd freeze and be unsure of how to proceed. Boxing classes can give you the training that quickly eliminates this mindset. For example, when you learn how to throw a counterpunch, you'll be thinking about mounting your offense even as your opponent is about to hit you in the face or the body. This is a prime example of thinking clearly under pressure, rather than feeling frozen and being unable to defend yourself.

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