3 Types Of Exercises Seniors Should Consider

Improving your fitness is invaluable for aging with fewer health problems and physical limitations. If you are a senior who is relatively sedentary, it is not too late to engage in various form of exercise and achieve your fitness goals.


For seniors who are new to exercise or might have physical limitations, yoga classes are a good way to ease into fitness. Ideally, you will find a yoga class that is specifically geared toward seniors if you have any limitations, otherwise, a beginner's yoga class will be fine. There are many benefits to yoga, especially for seniors. Yoga is one of several low-impact activities that can help with joint pain, if arthritis is a concern. Improving your balance and flexibility is another benefit to yoga. Staying physically active can prevent sharp declines in balance and flexibility as you age. Going to a yoga class just a few times per week can help many seniors in their activities of daily living. Choosing a class specifically geared toward seniors can help some participants feel less uncomfortable in a group setting.

Circuit Training

For seniors without any physical limitations, circuit training is a good choice for exercise. Circuit training involves components of strength training and cardio, so you can accomplish a complete workout in less time. Depending on your level of fitness, you may use resistance bands or free weights throughout the circuit. Having a cardio component to your exercise is not only good for burning calories if you are trying to shed weight, but it is invaluable for cardiovascular fitness. Cardio is also ideal if you have any chronic diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension. The combination of shedding excess weight and being more mobile can improve both conditions. Strength training is also important for seniors because building muscle can make daily activities easier. Additionally, women can reduce their risk of osteoporosis by strength training.


Many seniors are debunking stereotypes about strength and fitness by participating in competitive powerlifting. Depending on your fitness level, you may want to hire a trainer and start lifting heavier weights. The competitive aspect of powerlifting can be motivating to many people, regardless of their age. In addition to simply building up to lifting heavier weights, powerlifting has several biomechanical and health benefits. Much like strength training, building more muscle can improve your overall health and boost metabolism. Lifting heavy weights properly requires balance and core strength, which are critical for daily tasks. Even if you are not interested in competition, just improving your strength can be a significant confidence-booster.

It is never too late to start exercising. As a senior, there are several types of exercises and senior fitness classes that can help you build basic fitness or reach other weight and strength goals.