Occupational Therapy Services: Long COVID Recovery

Even as the world begins to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are still suffering the impact of this mysterious virus. If you're still feeling the effects of long COVID, an occupational therapy specialist can help you manage your symptoms and begin the long road to recovery.

Here are some of the treatments and services the best occupational therapy providers offer patients living with long COVID.


Scientists are still learning the full extent COVID-19 can have on the body. Occupational therapy providers can help you manage the physical symptoms that might make it difficult to return to work.

  • Cardio Rehabilitation: many sufferers of long COVID experience severe limitations to lung capacity and aerobic endurance. Occupational therapy providers can gradually rehabilitate your cardiovascular system so that you can regain your quality of life and ability to return to work. One of the most common modalities involves low-impact cardiovascular work. For instance, your occupational therapist might utilize an alter-gravity or underwater-treadmill to allow you to move freely, while also diminishing the weight-bearing component of the exercise. As your cardiovascular and aerobic endurance improves, your occupational therapist may move you toward walking, jogging, or even running at normal weight.
  • Sensory Rehabilitation: some long COVID patients can experience a variety of sensory issues. This can include nerve, neuromuscular, and fine motor regression. Your occupational therapy specialist can diagnose your long COVID issues and develop a recovery plan to improve your sensory issues. For instance, if long COVID has impacted your balance, your occupational therapist can variety of therapeutic tools to rebuild your balance. This might include using a balance platform to perform the basic movements you need for your job to more basic movements like balancing to tie your shoes.


Because so little is understood about long COVID, many patients may have to fight with employers and insurance providers to get the support they need to recover from the virus.

  • Employers: if your employer has been unwilling or reluctant to grant you PTO or other benefits during your long COVID recovery, an occupational therapist can help assess and document your disabilities. If your occupational therapist is a licensed and independent medical provider, your employer may heed their recommendations, or they might face a lawsuit. When assessing your long COVID symptoms, your occupational therapist can also help you file an extension for unemployment and/or workers' compensation benefits. This can help you get the extra support you need to rebuild your life and adapt to long COVID symptoms.

 For more information, contact a local occupational therapy provider.