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Three Exercises To Spice Up Your Gym Routine

Regularly working out at the gym can help you transform your body and even improve your mental health, but it's easy for your workout to feel mundane after a while. If you find that you're getting bored of the pattern of using the elliptical trainer, lifting some free weights and then repeating this workout day after day, breathe new life into the gym visit by spicing up your workout regimen. Many gyms are equipped with a variety of ways to keep fit and focusing on something new can renew your passion for working out. Read More 

An Unbiased Look At The HCG Diet

The HCG Diet has been making waves of controversy, with many pop diet specialists, such as Dr. Oz, supporting the diet. However, many others are steadfastly against it and consider it dangerous. Let's set the record straight by taking an unbiased look at the HCG Diet. The Food Guidelines The HCG diet is a very calorie-restricted diet. It limits you to just 500 calories a day for eight weeks. You are limited to two meals: lunch and dinner. Read More 

Extreme Push-Ups: 3 Variations To Really Amp Up Your Training

The push-up is one of the most common exercises when individuals are trying to increase their upper body strength. However, what do you do when these standard push-ups no longer provide a challenge for you and leave no room for improvement? To keep your push-ups challenging and working your body, here are three variations that will help you take your push-ups to the next level: 1. Push-Up with Feet Elevated Read More 

Three Ways To Minimize Side-Effect Acne When Using Steroids For Sports Performance

One of the best-known side effects of using steroids for sports performance is acne. The way many people talk about acne and steroids, you might assume that there's no escape from ruddy skin if you choose to take these drugs. Think, however, about the bodybuilders you see on television. They are generally acne-free, and you can be too, if you're careful to take these precautions: Let your doctor know if the steroids you are taking are causing acne. Read More 

3 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Personal Training

Not seeing the results you want at the gym? If so, then you might be considering the option to begin working with a personal trainer. After all, personal training can provide you with the one-on-one guidance, expertise, and accountability that you need to achieve your fitness goals. Of course, personal training doesn't come cheap, so there are a few proactive steps you'll want to take to make the most of your experience. Read More